Our Process

A typical Brocca Garage from the day we break ground takes 3– 6 weeks to construct. The construction time is weather dependant. The actual build time is 4-7 days depending on the size of your garage, larger garages; 1,000 square feet and larger do take longer.

We sometimes wait longer for the concrete to cure than the actual construction timeline. We want you to know EXACTLY what to expect when you hire us to build your dream garage. We promise to carefully and efficiently execute the steps below so you receive nothing short of perfection.

  • Pad Form

    Brocca Garages starts forming the concrete pad with 2″x12″. Forms are leveled with a laser level and pinned for elevation and square.

  • Stone Install

    Stone is installed approximately 4″ thick around the perimeter 12″ in and 8″ thick in the center of the pad. This will give us a pad 8″ to 4″, 8″ thick around the perimeter and 4″ thick in the center.

  • Ready For Concrete

    Brocca Garages then installs a 4″ drain to daylight, polyethylene vapor barrier and #10 steel wire mesh tied with wire ties.

    #3500 psi concrete with fiberglass mesh is then poured and finished. After the concrete sets up, forms are then removed and the concrete is saw cut. We then let the pad cure for 5-7 days.

  • Plates

    2″ X 4″ pressure treated plate is shot down into the concrete with concrete anchors.

  • Wall Framing

    Brocca Garages then frames the walls with 2″ X 4″’s 16″ on center with a single 2″ X 4″ bottom plate and double 2″ X 4″ top plate. The walls are then covered with 7/16″ O.S.B. plywood. Brocca Garages takes care to install the plywood horizontally to insure wall stability and integrity.

  • Walls Sheathed

    2″ X 6″ rafters with a 8″ eve are then cut out and installed 16″ on center. Brocca Garages then installs 7/16″ O.S.B. plywood on the entire roof with aluminum drip edge, Rino paper underlayment which is a fiberglass reinforced black paper which is superior to #15 felt black paper. Brocca Garages then installs Limited Lifetime Architectural Roof Shingles, color to match your home.

  • Roof Complete

    The windows and entry door are now installed. All Brocca Garages come standard with two (2) – 2/0 X 3/0 single hung windows with ½ screens, 3/0 X 6/8 6-panel steel entry door with lock and deadbolt.

  • Siding

    Brocca garages installs on all the exterior walls: vinyl siding, full vent vinyl soffit, and aluminum facia. All colors are selected by you, our customer, to give your new Brocca Garage your personal touch.

  • Siding Complete

    Depending on your size garage we would then install 9′ X 7′ and/or 16′ x 7′ Coplay Classic Collection 6.3 R-value T52 series overhead door. Brocca Garages does have other window and door sizes as options to your new garage. A value option on your Brocca garage is a battery backup overhead door openers are also available. Battery backup openers give you the added security in case of a power failure your garage door will still open when needed.

    5″ Aluminum K-gutter with downspouts and louvered vinyl shutters are installed to add the final finishing touches to your new Brocca Garage.

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